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Picture of Jangro Kettle & Shower Descaler 500ml BB024-50

Jangro Kettle & Shower Descaler 500ml BB024-50

Stock Code: COV023
Manufacturer Part No: BB024-50
Fast acting descaler for use with kettles, irons, shower heads and coffee machines.
£4.20 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Viakal Original Spray 500ml

Viakal Original Spray 500ml

Stock Code: DCS020
Powerful descaler that effectively removes tough limescale in the bathroom. Ready to use spray for periodic descaling of all bathroom surfaces and equipment 500m
£2.78 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Delphis Eco Descaler 500ml

Delphis Eco Descaler 500ml

Stock Code: DE-DES005
Manufacturer Part No: DES005
Our descaler removes scale and water marks to leave surfaces clean. It’s a highly effective limescale remover for kettles, boilers, re-circulating systems, etc. Safe to use on paints, metals, rubber and lacquered alloys. Proper dosage saves cost and minimises environmental impact: Machine descaling: dishwashing machines: Fill dishwasher with fresh water. Add sufficient Descaler to the water to produce a 10-20% solution (100-200ml/L) depending on degree of scaling. Turn machine on for 10-15 minut
£3.29 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Delphis Eco Limescale Remover 750ml

Delphis Eco Limescale Remover 750ml

Stock Code: DE-LSR010
Manufacturer Part No: LSR010
Our limescale remover is a dynamic descaler that easily removes heavy limescale, rust and stains from toilets, taps, sinks and showers. It safe to use on all washroom surfaces including chrome, porcelain enamel and stainless steel. Scan the QR code for more infodoesn’t contain any harmful acidskills germs where bacteria breedviscous clinging formulareduced use of hazardous substancesphosphate and phosphonate freesafe in septic tanks if used as directedreadily biodegradable
£3.99 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of BioHygiene Organic Acid Descaler 1L

BioHygiene Organic Acid Descaler 1L

Stock Code: BH010
Manufacturer Part No: BH010
"Organic and inorganic scale rapidly builds up in toilet and urinal bowls and associated pipework causing unpleasant odours, reduced flow and ultimately blockages. Organic Acid Descaler is a concentrated yet natural product that attacks organic and inorganic scale on contact, rapidly breaking it down. The product is viscous enabling it to adhere strongly to pipework surfaces and also contains a surfactant to help loosen and lift stubborn deposits. Regular preventative dosing with Organic Acid
£3.50 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of BioHygiene Organic Descaler HD 5L

BioHygiene Organic Descaler HD 5L

Stock Code: BH159
Manufacturer Part No: BH159
"Organic Descaler HD is a naturally derived, concentrated cleaning and descaling system. It combines a surfactant with a biological, natural fermentation extract for cleaning and descaling of electrical appliances, kitchen & washroom surfaces etc. Removes general soiling and mineral deposits and when used as directed, is safe to use, safe for the environment, non flammable and readily biodegradable. Core benefits • Removes limescale build up, improving appliance performance, and saving money • R
£30.10 (excl VAT) EACH

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