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Picture of Jangro Toilet Descaler 5L BC050-5

Jangro Toilet Descaler 5L BC050-5

Stock Code: EVA064
Manufacturer Part No: BC050-5
Powerful bactericidal and fungicidal toilet cleaner. Thickened liquid ensures better cleaning. Suitable for periodic use. pH 0.3 Dilution ready to use
£7.77 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Taski Sani Acid Heavy DutyDescaler 1L

Taski Sani Acid Heavy DutyDescaler 1L

Stock Code: OCH025
£0.00 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of HG Scale Away 500ml

HG Scale Away 500ml

Stock Code: HAG047
£3.59 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Shield Limescale Remover 1L100955181

Shield Limescale Remover 1L100955181

Stock Code: JOH280
Manufacturer Part No: 100955181
Shield Limescale Remover 1L is a tough acid cleaner specially formulated to remove stubborn limescale manufactured by Diversey. Previously known as Lifeguard but now rebranded, Shield limescale remover kills all known toilet bacteria, which can cause food poisoning and stomach upsets. This limescale cleaner can be used for the daily cleaning and limescale removal from all washable non-enamelled surfaces in washrooms, toilets, showers and changing rooms, gymnasia and swimming baths. Shield can
£5.08 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of BioHygiene Organic Descaler HD 1L

BioHygiene Organic Descaler HD 1L

Stock Code: BH161
Manufacturer Part No: BH161
"Organic Descaler HD is a naturally derived, concentrated cleaning and descaling system. It combines a surfactant with a biological, natural fermentation extract for cleaning and descaling of electrical appliances, kitchen & washroom surfaces etc. Removes general soiling and mineral deposits and when used as directed, is safe to use, safe for the environment, non flammable and readily biodegradable. Core benefits • Removes limescale build up, improving appliance performance, and saving money • R
£10.50 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Delphis Eco Descaler 500ml

Delphis Eco Descaler 500ml

Stock Code: DE-DES005
Manufacturer Part No: DES005
Our descaler removes scale and water marks to leave surfaces clean. It’s a highly effective limescale remover for kettles, boilers, re-circulating systems, etc. Safe to use on paints, metals, rubber and lacquered alloys. Proper dosage saves cost and
£3.29 (excl VAT) EACH

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