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Picture of Granular Salt 25kg BB092-25

Granular Salt 25kg BB092-25

Stock Code: DAR102
Manufacturer Part No: BB092-25
Natural crystal salt for use in water softeners and dishwashers. 25kg.
£14.70 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of ***USE CODE SPR013***Finish Salt 3KG

***USE CODE SPR013***Finish Salt 3KG

Stock Code: DCS042
To avoid scale deposits on the dishes and in the dishwasher, dishes must be washed with soft water.Finish Special Salt effectively softens your water to boost the cleaning performance of your detergent by preventing spots and watermarks on your dishes.Finish Special Salt is guaranteed free from residues. Its purity ensures that your dishwasher's built-in water softening unit works effectively. Other salts may contain impurities like iron and carbonates which could damage the water softening unit
£4.00 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Finish All In One Lemon Tablet x 100

Finish All In One Lemon Tablet x 100

Stock Code: DCS046
Manufacturer Part No: DCS046
Seven cleaning actions from one compact tablet. Easily lifts away tough stains like tea and grease. Salt function gives an even shine and protects glasses and dishes alike. Protects your machine from limescale. Powerful cleaning action. Remove even the toughest stains with Finish Powerball All in 1. Keeping your dishwasher in peak condition and getting the best results for your dishes can be a juggling act but now our new formula gives seven vigorous cleaning actions from one compact tablet. At
£18.00 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Finish All in 1 Powerball Max 53 tablets

Finish All in 1 Powerball Max 53 tablets

Stock Code: DCS047
Thanks to unique technology, Finish dishwasher tablets deliver a powerful clean even in the toughest conditions. Your pots, pans and dishes will be left spotlessly clean. Deep cleaning agents work to get to grips with even the toughest, dried on food stains. Each tablet contains powerful ingredients, which lift off grease and dirt easily, and feature a rinse aid technology to deliver a great shine and leave a fresh smelling fragrance.
£11.90 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Glaze Crystale Dishwash Tablets x 100 BB171

Glaze Crystale Dishwash Tablets x 100 BB171

Stock Code: EVA152
Manufacturer Part No: BB171
Our all in one dishwasher tablets remove difficult foodstuffs to ensure crockery, cutlery and glassware are left sparkling. Leaves stainless steel items with an extra sparkle, and includes built in salt action, glass protection and rinse aid. The wat
£21.94 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Delphis Eco Dishwasher Liquid5L

Delphis Eco Dishwasher Liquid5L

Stock Code: DE-DWD050
£19.99 (excl VAT) EACH

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