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Picture of BioHygiene Hair Degrader 5L

BioHygiene Hair Degrader 5L

Stock Code: BH018
Manufacturer Part No: BH018
"Hair Degrader utilises enzymes working in synergy with chemical components to break down hair based deposits and unblock drains, providing an effective treatment for clearing shower and bathroom waste pipes blocked with hair. Core benefits • Effective as a maintenance treatment to reduce hair build up and as a shock treatment to get rid of existing blockages • Easy to use, no need to vacate the area • Fume free, no aggressive caustic chemicals • Safer for the end user as well as the environment
£50.70 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of BioHygiene Algae Remover 5L

BioHygiene Algae Remover 5L

Stock Code: BH029
Manufacturer Part No: BH029
"The ingredients in Algae Cleaner work in synergy to ensure efficient cleaning and removal of algae and related stains. The product has multiple modes of action: • Algae Cleaner contains an eco-friendly surfactant to provide effective wetting, penetrating and easily lifting of dirt and algal growth from hard surfaces • The plant derived extract acts as an antioxidant which provides a flocculating action effectively replacing the need for more conventional acids and biocides"
£8.76 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Premier Chemical Pad x100 50cm x 40cm - C0914939

Premier Chemical Pad x100 50cm x 40cm - C0914939

Stock Code: ECOC0914939
£49.50 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Perfumed Virucidal Cleaner 5ltr - SELC066-5L

Perfumed Virucidal Cleaner 5ltr - SELC066-5L

Stock Code: SELC066-5LX2
Manufacturer Part No: SELCO-5LX2
£10.67 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Prochem Fiberdri 10kg - C803

Prochem Fiberdri 10kg - C803

Stock Code: PROC803
Manufacturer Part No: C803
£68.75 (excl VAT) EACH
Picture of Servo Chem Deep Clean Liquid 5 Litre Step 1

Servo Chem Deep Clean Liquid 5 Litre Step 1

Stock Code: 34-34L
£31.64 (excl VAT) EACH

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